ORITAMES Scheduler
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ORITAMES Scheduler


ORITAMES (Operations Research Integrated Toolset & Applications for Modeling Enterprise Systems) is an all purpose heuristic scheduler developped by MangoGem. With ORITAMES, Boja Systems provides a simple but powerful scheduler that can be applied to a wide variety of situations as a stand alone application or can be integrated with other tools. It is easy to deploy, to implement and to integrate. Also is easy to define new criteria or new scheduling heuristics.


Multi Scheduling 

    • Multi-criteria optimization: creates schedules according to several criteria at the same time, producing Pareto-optimal schedules
    • Multi-constrained: takes into account task dependencies, time constraints and resource constraints
    • Multi-project: calculates schedules for multiple projects sharing common resources
    • Multi-mode: every task can be done according to one or several modes
    • Multi-resources: takes into account multiple renewable and non renewable resources

Functions and Features

  • Computes the optimal schedule for a multi-project case
  • Computes the Pareto-optimal set of feasible solutions
  • Computes the individual schedules or every task
  • Computes the individual schedule of every resources
  • Combines analytic and heuristic search methods: several genetic algorithms, hill climbing, simulated annealing, etc 


oritames-industriesThe scheduler can be used in different kinds of industries and organizations: 

  • Manufacturing for industries in all areas
  • Project & staff planning in organisations, schools, hospitals, etc
  • Construction & engineering projects
  • Software developement
  • Events


Scheduler program model includes the following main objects:


Case: a set of projects and ressources to be scheduled within a certain time interval
Project: a set of task with links (dependencies) between them; a projet has start and due times
Task: an activity that must be performed
Link: a time or precedence constraint between tasks
Mode: one possible way to perform a task; a mode defines its duration and the resources that are used or consumed
Resource: anything that is required to perform a task, either renewable (equipment, room, people, …) or non renewable (materials)
Capacity: the amount of a resource available in every time bucket

Software & Architecture

ORITAMES is based on the UBABU software application building blocks from company MangoGem. It is 100% written in Java and platform-agnostic. ORITAMES is built on a 3-layered architecture:

  • Specific scheduling objects and solver algorithms
  • General model objects
  • UBABU standard building blocks

ORITAMES does not require any specific third party tools or libraries. It uses SWT and Swing for its GUI and (optionally) Hibernate for its database permanent storage layer. I/O is mainly through flat or XML files. It can run as a stand alone software or as a web service.


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