Simulation with MaTISSe DEGAS
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Simulation with Matisse Degas




Discrete Event Generic Analyzer and Simulator

Discrete events simulation is a key element for study and improvement of manufacturing operations. This technique can be used to determine the outcome of operational decisions as well as to evaluate different policies and their impact on Key Performance Indicators, like cycle time, throughput, on-time delivery and equipment utilization. DEGAS (Discrete Event Generic Analyzer and Simulator) is the MaTISSe software tool to perform very fast “What-if Simulations” of manufacturing processes and facilities. Users can define simulation scenarios in the graphical user interface of DEGAS, and both scenarios and results can be stored for further analysis.

DEGAS enables you to model your production to the right level of detail depending on your purposes. DEGAS has flexible and comprehensive modeling features covering widely the aspects found in diverse complex manufacturing environments, like lot sizes, shared resources, calendars, shifts, setups, reworks, sampling, yield loss, batching, dedication, complex routings, …
But DEGAS is designed to allow users to build their simulation models quickly and without effort. You can always choose what to model and what to neglect. So you can avoid collection of unneeded data. DEGAS is a robust system that can cope even with the huge model sizes found even in large manufacturing environments. degas pent

The DEGAS simulator is optimized for speed. Scenarios can be evaluated in seconds or minutes instead of hours with traditional simulation systems. DEGAS also contains a real time simulation mode, which can be used to emulate the shop floor behavior. In emulator mode, the system can be used to assess and explore realtime control policies, for instance for training purposes.
DEGAS features an intuitive Graphical User Interface that is largely user configurable. Models can be defined, edited and viewed in forms and tables. Extensive browser functionality is available for fast viewing of model data and results. A rich set of predefined interactive graphical and tabular factory reports serves most simulation reporting needs, but DEGAS also contains a user report generator and additional flexible reports can be easily generated and customized.

DEGAS can be used as a stand-alone, self-contained software. And as a component of the MaTISSe manufacturing toolset, it can also be integrated with other MaTISSe decision support tools or with other manufacturing systems and databases. DEGAS is able to share data with scheduling, capacity planning and MES. This way, simulation data and results can be accurate, up-to-date and validated.
The features and advantages of DEGAS make it into the best choice for professional manufacturing simulations.

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