Rubens: A Reactive Scheduler
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RuBEnS: a reactive scheduler




Reactive Heuristics Based Engine for Scheduling



Boja Systems presents RuBEnS, the reactive and predictive scheduling system with full factory modeling and intuitive graphical user interface. Through the RuBEnS/RT real-time scheduling engine, the production process can be significantly streamlined and decisions can be made to quickly react to changes. This intelligent decision support enables the company to exploit its competitive advantage and outperform its competitors.

Integrated with Boja Systems FT or any third-party MES component, it offers unequalled optimized production performance that goes well beyond traditional dispatching and data collection functionality, and yields highest efficiency of the available production capacity. RuBEnS provides the means for improvement and analysis of the schedules. Included in the system, users can access an extensive library of optimization and scheduling rules and heuristics. The user is also able to define his own rules and heuristics.

The scheduling target can be configured for any combination of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and can so strive to minimize the product cycle time, reduce the number of late lots, maximize the percentage of on-time deliveries, minimize the make-span of the whole production, or use a combination of several criteria. The fully customizable model is able to describe with high accuracy any issue that impacts the schedule, such as yield loss, preventive maintenance, calendars, shifts, rework, carriers, cost, margins and much more.rubens

The system's real-time scheduling gives you at any time a complete, optimized and feasible schedule for every step of every job on the floor. Complete visibility and traceability of the past, present and future is preserved. It advises on feasible due dates taking into account the present and future status of the floor and planned equipment utilization. This high value added function secures the production floor against overloading and supports negotiations with customers about feasible due dates. In real-time it reacts to floor events by adapting the schedule and provides early warnings in case of forecasted future troubles. This enables you to take flexible decisions when necessary and helps build customer confidence and satisfaction.

RuBEnS offers an intuitive and easy to use graphical interface for scheduling analysis, optimization and simulation. A major feature of the system is the ability to define future scenarios, contained planned changes and events, and to analyze "what if" situations using the same model data as the present schedule. The extensive reporting functionality includes a range of graphical and textual standard manufacturing reports, together with powerful user-defined reports. Its state-of-the-art IT concept and standard interfaces, enables easy integration of RuBEnS with all commercially available MES systems.

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