Manufacturing Execution Systems
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Manufacturing Execution Systems

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Manufacturing Execution System



MaTISSe’s main MES component, FT (Factory Tracker), brings clarity and organization to the production. Through its WIP tracking and machine tracking interfaces it opens a window on your facility by allowing easy and cost efficient online monitoring and controlling of everything that happens on your factory floor. WIP Tracking and Machine Tracking give you control over the different transactions that can be applied to lots and machines.


Factory Tracker includes:

icon plus blueReal-Time tracking of events in the factory

icon plus blueTracking of WIP events from order entry to final delivery

icon plus blueTracking of resources (equipment, operators, durables, consumables, …)

icon plus blueReal-time automated reporting of your manufacturing KPI’s
icon plus blueMultiple facility MES inter-communication
icon plus blueSame MES in different nodes (MH, FE, BE, …)
icon plus blueIntelligent data collection (EDC) for planning, engineering, and SPC
icon plus blueConfigurable flexible triggers and user-exits allow for user-specific extensions


The MaTISSe Expert tool enables you to define automatic and intelligent Engineering and Machine Data Collection prompts for operators to enter additional information. The plausibility of entered information is checked. The user can also define whatever business rule or action to be performed by the system, either triggered at a specific point in time or at any specific lot or machine event. The Advanced Planning and Scheduling features help you to meet your objectives by close real-time monitoring of production plans and due dates while providing early warnings on emerging problem areas.mes pent

FT offers ergonomic and intuitive screens for WIP tracking and machine tracking. Depending on the transaction to be performed, the necessary fields are dynamically displayed. Because all the possible transactions and options are directly available, users do not have to learn mysterious function codes or navigate through layers of menus to reach the function they need. Thus operator errors and confusion are avoided.

Thanks to its open system architecture MaTISSe MES seamlessly integrates with your existing CIM environment and allows integration of multi-vendor best-of-breed applications. For companies with legacy MES, MaTISSe GOLD provides a smooth migration path to a low COO state-of-the-art MES with full functionality including lot and machine tracking, Engineering Data Collection and Advanced Planning and Scheduling.

Analysis and decision making are supported by the newest technology through MaTISSe’s Semantic Web reporting, based on XML, SOAP and CORBA.
Whether used as an integrated package or as stand-alone components, the MaTISSe MES gives you the necessary tools to flexibly control and monitor complex production lines, thereby reducing lead times, WIP and data entry times.

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