Enterprise Capacity Planning
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Enterprise Capacity Planning

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Enterprise Capacity Planning



With its Enterprise Capacity Planning (ECP) component, MaTISSe introduces improved and flexible supply chain planning and forecasting functionality at the enterprise or organization level. The various planning functions allow for a better fit between demand and capacity. Ultimately ECP also provides a significantly reduced overall planning cycle.

ECP includes:

icon plus blueDemand planning and volume planning

icon plus blueOptimization

icon plus blueDetermination of critical resource requirements

icon plus blueTechnology and project feasibility assessment

icon plus blueSubcontracting

icon plus blueInvestment levels

Refined but easy to use analytical and optimization models provide a perfect background for the wide range of planning and forecasting features. The result is a flexible matching of customer demand to the available capacity, leading to reliable volume and utilization forecasting. This process is further facilitated thanks to detailed scenario analysis giving you the possibility of comparing the consequences of different production and planning alternatives.ecp

ECP allows you to model the flow of products through the company, as well as the resources to manufacture the goods. This object oriented enterprise model offers multiple aggregation levels, standardized products and resources but also time-phased model changes and complex activities graphs and dependencies.

ECP features an intuitive Graphical User Interface that is largely user configurable. It allows for forms, tables and graphics as well as editing, importing or exporting model data. Thanks to its open model design and standard database ECP is able to seamlessly integrate its reporting data with a variety of user environments. Easy integration with a variety of corporate databases, business systems and other planning tools is assured using reliable mechanisms based on CORBA, XML and database access automation. Its automatic generation of reports, together with the data sharing capabilities give you the necessary functionality to make fast and well-informed decisions.

ECP can be used as a stand-alone, self contained software. But it can also work in synergy with DCP, MaTISSe’s capacity planning component, and can be easily integrated with company databases and other Supply Chain software from leading vendors.

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