Dynamic Capacity Planning
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Dynamic Capacity Planning



Dynamic Capacity Planning



DCP is MaTISSe’s capacity planning component. It is the final tool for planners, whether they conceive a new facility, reorganize an existing one, or evaluate alternatives for more profitable operations. DCP offers you the power to calculate your actual available capacity, points to places where you are losing capacity and shows you a systematic way to get more return from your operations. Through improved control of your resources, DCP arms you to anticipate economic cycles and outperform your competitors. Direct advantages are increased utilization of resources, lower cycle time, improved delivery performance and optimized ROI.

reportingDCP brings the best of two worlds together by combining the speed of spreadsheet tools with the accuracy and integration of simulation tools. The underlying model assures the cohesion between the various manufacturing objects and provides the planner with a comprehensive but clear overview of all resources and calculation results. The intuitive GUI enables you to enter, edit and analyze your data and browse through it.

DCP can handle large data sets like those found in real life complex manufacturing environments. Since accurate capacity planning calculations are performed within seconds to minutes, you can analyze dozens of alternatives quickly and without effort. Time dependencies of parameters can be entered in so-called Future Change Lists without impacting the basic data. This way you construct a wide range of fully documented scenarios and calculate their impact on production.
DCP offers an extensive set of textual, graphical and tabular reports with many different ways of visualizing and formatting the calculation results. In addition, the results can be pasted to presentation tools like Microsoft Excel. 


DCP is based on an object oriented manufacturing model implemented on a standard relational database. It is flexibly integrated with data pools common in a CIM environment, so that all needed production information is imported and no tedious manual input is required. DCP is a multi-user system, i.e. planners responsible for different departments can share the same data without interfering with each other. DCP can either be used as a standalone application or in combination with other MaTISSe components.
DCP is currently used by complex microelectronics manufacturing, assembly and test companies in Europe, the USA and Asia. A major worldwide consulting company has recommended it as the most appropriate capacity planning tool for such enterprises.


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