Advanced Planning Systems
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Advanced Planning Systems

Boja Systems has specific tools for the capacity planning of the highly complex production processes in the semiconductor industry. Its component MaTISSe guarantee a consistent, flexible and accurate planning throughout the entire company.

Consistent planning

Our APS tools introduce a standard and consistent methodology for capacity planning throughout your entire company. You store all the relevant data in one integrated system, including the different locations and establishments, and the subcontractors and suppliers.

Flexible planning

The ability to make a quick and flexible planning is crucial in a permanently changing environment. With Boja planning tools, you can make simulate the impact changes will have. The Future Changes List (FCL) evaluates the consequences of the changes without modifying the basic data. Analytical calculations quickly show the feasibility of the different scenarios.

Accurate planning

Boja APS tools increase the accuracy and predictability of your planning. You tune the necessary and available means in to each other and optimize your capacity where necessary. The system generates timely warnings when the planning becomes hindered, for any reason possible. It also allows you to trace the past, monitor the present in real-time and plan the future based on historical data.

Why Boja APS?

    An entire range of reporting possibilities
    Easily extendable
    Easy integration with other systems like ERP, MES, ...

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