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About Us

Boja Systems is a Spanish IT company created in 2002 with offices in Oviedo (Spain) and Brussels (Belgium). Boja provides unequaled solutions to operational problems in complex manufacturing.

Emphasis on optimal resource utilization

Mass production leads to enormous waste of resources. Boja Systems is a reaction against mass production and emphasizes manufacturing with optimal resource utilization. Boja integrates design, manufacturing and management as a corporate strategy for flexible automation from the order receipt to the product shipment. The goal is to reflect a vast variety of customer needs (i.e. flexibility), utilizing high-tech CIM together with human-centered systems.

Manufacturing + IT

Specific to Boja Systems is its balanced combination of expertise of good manufacturing principles, state-of-the-art Information Technology and international experience in discrete industries, in particular in microelectronics.

As we apply this strength to consulting, to our software products and during industrial projects, we provide solutions that go beyond the usual ones.

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  •   Phone Number: +34 618 11 60 01
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